AfghanICC Bank Information:

  • Account Name:  AICC
  • Sort Code:            20-92-60
  • Account No:        83398943
  • Bank Name:        Barclays Bank


Dear Muslim Brothers and sisters:

Jazakallah khair

August 30/2010: MaaSha'allah with all your help and generosity, we have finally paid off all the purchase price for the AICC.


Jazaakallah and Thanks to all the Muslims brothers and sisters who have donated toward the purchase and renovation of the Afghan Islamic Cultural Centre.


We look forward to your generosity in helping renovate the projected two grand halls inside for maximum capacity usage. Please take a look at the video clips for the renovation plan.

You are all requested to please donate generously in this ‎charitable project and use this golden opportunity to build up your Aakhirah and take part in ‎this Sadaqah Jaariyah.

You can donate either by paying to the AICC authorised fund raisers or direct to the AICC bank account.

We are also asking for Qardul-hasana in this regard.